Nicola + Jim // London Zoo

After meeting Nic and Jim in Saison, West Didsbury a few weeks before the wedding and having more than our fair share of beer and laughs, I knew that this wedding was going to be special.  

Not only was this was a perfect fit for my style, Nic and Jim were the perfect couple and put on an incredible wedding; laid back, relaxed, informal and most important a heap of fun! Oh and did I mention it was in London Zoo!? 

We met an Armadillo named Jack and an Owl named Bumblebee! We toured the Zoo and even had a ride on the carousel followed by popcorn. The carousel went a bit faster than we expected which made it all the more hilarious.

The evening reception was at a little pub called Chapel Bar near Kings Cross. The perfect venue to round off such a brilliant day. After a few (terrible) goes at Guitar Hero and a cheeky boogie on the dance floor the cameras were well and truly out away for a well earned G&T! 

Thanks for having us Nic and Jim and hope you both had a great night!

Assistant:  Sarah Louise Mills