Nicola + Jim // London Zoo

After meeting Nic and Jim in Saison, West Didsbury a few weeks before the wedding and having more than our fair share of beer and laughs, I knew that this wedding was going to be special.  

Not only was this was a perfect fit for my style, Nic and Jim were the perfect couple and put on an incredible wedding; laid back, relaxed, informal and most important a heap of fun! Oh and did I mention it was in London Zoo!? 

We met an Armadillo named Jack and an Owl named Bumblebee! We toured the Zoo and even had a ride on the carousel followed by popcorn. The carousel went a bit faster than we expected which made it all the more hilarious.

The evening reception was at a little pub called Chapel Bar near Kings Cross. The perfect venue to round off such a brilliant day. After a few (terrible) goes at Guitar Hero and a cheeky boogie on the dance floor the cameras were well and truly out away for a well earned G&T! 

Thanks for having us Nic and Jim and hope you both had a great night!

Assistant:  Sarah Louise Mills

Karina + Arif // Eaves Hall, Clitheroe.


I first met Arif as I was camping under the New Zealand stars back when I was cycle-touring the country. We chatted over Skype and he swiftly made the decision to hire me for his big day. And, almost a year later, that day has finally arrived. 

Hailing from deepest South Wales, I’d not met up with Arif & Karina during the run up to their wedding. Instead, I liaised with Arif’s sister, Sameena, who is such a great person. Her love for her brother and his new-wife was evident, radiating through every image I captured. 

Despite the torrential downpour, this chilled couple never flinched or let the weather ruin things. In the end, we barely registered the rain as we braved a ride and shoot in the Rolls Royce. We even managed to get a few great shots in a local village before the heavens opened.  

Throughout the day, all people would say is that you won’t meet a nicer couple than Arif & Karina, and, after having the pleasure of meeting you both, I couldn’t agree more. 

I hope you both had a fantastic night. When we left, the place was rocking. Let’s hope you aren’t all paying for it today. 

Big thanks to Laura & Shazira for assisting on the day.

Hannah + Alex's City Wedding at Great John Street Hotel

My first wedding at Great John Street and my second Manchester City wedding, did not disappoint. With the hotels stunning rooftop terrace overlooking Manchesters sprawling skyline; Hannah and Alex tied the knot on a chilly January afternoon.

It was the perfect day, with blue skies and a very relaxed atmosphere. I couldn't have asked for a better couple really!  So chilled out and happy for me to do my thing.  

I'm really stoked with the sneak peaks and I can't wait to get the final collection to you both!