Laura + Richard // Rivington Pike

When you meet a couple who will do absolutely anything on a shoot.... THAT.  So Laura and Richard set the bar pretty high on their engagement shoot at Rivington Pike yesterday.  I had them jumping over ditches, climbing up walls, standing on bridges with SHEER DROPS on either side plus we walked up quite a big hill (It was pretty big).  

The tone was well and truly set when Laura rocked up with Jungle Book themed Vans on.  I didn't know this was even a thing!  Richard had a backpack with all the survivor essentials.... well he had a bottle of Oasis (strawberry flavour I think).  

This shoot has not only set the tone for your wedding but for all future engagement sessions (hope you are reading this future brides & grooms) but absolutely no pressure from me of course!  

Seriously though, yesterday was so much fun, can't to do it all again in September at Bashall Barn! Will have to find some custom Vans for the day.  

Enjoy the pics!