Caroline + Matt // Ness Gardens

Its a small world, especially if you grow up on The Wirral.  Matt met Caroline at Primary school, in fact they were in the same class together and even grew up close by to each other.  

Years later here they are getting married! What makes things even smaller is the fact we found out last week we all went to Pensby together as well.  Crazy small world.  

I have to mention (mostly for Matt & Carolines amusement) that when I popped over to The Wirral last week to Ness Gardens for a recce I told them how inspired I was by a hedge at the entrance (I have never been to Ness Gardens + it was a pretty great hedge) They laughed and said this is mostly just the car park and cafe entrance and took me inside.  So 64 acres of incredible gardens later.... WOW.  

Well Ness Gardens (and the weather) you did not disappoint.  Such a perfect day for Caroline & Matt with all their guests on fine form (some travelled from as far as Australia) and with such a stunning backdrop made for some mouthwatering images! 

Big thanks to Sarah for assisting me on the day and thanks to Caroline & Matt for being such an easy going and awesome couple.  You guys rocked the portraits! 

Have a great honeymoon. 

Assistant:  Sarah Louise Mills