Karina + Arif // Eaves Hall, Clitheroe.


I first met Arif as I was camping under the New Zealand stars back when I was cycle-touring the country. We chatted over Skype and he swiftly made the decision to hire me for his big day. And, almost a year later, that day has finally arrived. 

Hailing from deepest South Wales, I’d not met up with Arif & Karina during the run up to their wedding. Instead, I liaised with Arif’s sister, Sameena, who is such a great person. Her love for her brother and his new-wife was evident, radiating through every image I captured. 

Despite the torrential downpour, this chilled couple never flinched or let the weather ruin things. In the end, we barely registered the rain as we braved a ride and shoot in the Rolls Royce. We even managed to get a few great shots in a local village before the heavens opened.  

Throughout the day, all people would say is that you won’t meet a nicer couple than Arif & Karina, and, after having the pleasure of meeting you both, I couldn’t agree more. 

I hope you both had a fantastic night. When we left, the place was rocking. Let’s hope you aren’t all paying for it today. 

Big thanks to Laura & Shazira for assisting on the day.