Hi i’m Paul,

Manchester based cycle enthusiast, coffee fiend, traveller extraordinaire and all round loveable weirdo with a great big (ginger) bushy beard! 

First time I started taking photos was of my lego when I was 9, I used to set up elaborate pirate ship battle scenes and snap away on my Dad's vintage Pentax. I was hooked; and to be honest not much has changed!

Film came later in life at college as I pursued a career as a cinematographer. This lead me to my degree at MMU and finally down the wonderful path of filming weddings. My background in film making lends itself well as I like to create a 'wedding journey' captured on film, not just simply film your wedding.  

I have been documenting people's special day through subtle storytelling for seven years now. My aim is to keep everything simple and really relaxed.  

I like to get to know all my couples because it's so important that you not only like your photographer's portfolio but you like your photographer! So lets grab a coffee/beer/cocktail and get to know each other.     

Get in touch for more info and for a copy of my 2017 & 2018 wedding brochures.